David Cooper Accounting Provides the following services:

Non-Profit Services – Outsourcing

In the ultra competitive and scarce resource environment most non-profits operate in today, every Non-Profit Organization is looking to squeeze the most out of every dollar.  Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping functions can allow you to receive professional services and save money at the same time, freeing up resources to focus on your mission.

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Non Profit Services – Board Training

Selecting and maintaining an effective Board of Directors is vital to the long term success of a Non Profit organization. Because of the wide variety of challenges that non profit board members face, every Non Profit Organization (NPO) should have a comprehensive Board Training Program.

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Non Profit – Consulting

Most non profits operate with very little administrative budget and often it falls on an already overworked Executive Director to oversee many technical aspects of your NPO. Unfortunately this means your Director is spending time where they are least qualified, and often least interested, instead of the handling the aspects of your NPO where they excel.

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