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Who Else Wants to Understand Financial Accounting without Losing their Mind?!


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Financial Accounting Made Easy!

Learning Financial Accounting is probably easier than you think, but it does require some practice. Unfortunately most Financial Accounting textbooks are really frustrating for many students. Lectures that may make sense while you are in class disappear from your head when you are doing homework or worse, taking a test! Frustrating!!!

Do You Have a Bored Board?

Have you ever sat through a board meeting, or even a meeting with your accountant, and got that glazed over look in your eyes? I know I have experienced that feeling. I have sat through, and given, hundreds of presentations of financial statements at non-profit boards through out my long career. One thing has stayed content, the Bored Board Look!.

© AndreyPopov

© AndreyPopov

There are many reasons why people volunteer for non-profit boards. They genuinely believe in the cause (the best reason). They are resume building. They are trying to make business connections. They were talked into it. They are giving money and would like control of the organization in return.